Monday, 23 July 2018

ByHand Anna Dress, Cocowawa Honeycomb dress and the Mystery Blogger Award!

Bit behind in my blogging, so here's a two for one, and I love them both.  First the ByHand Anna dress, yes I know the world and its dog has made this, but this is the first one I've made that I can actually wear.

I love the fit.  Having cut a size 12, and fitted a little more at the waist, its a very  snug fit but also really comfortable.  Love the V neck and it's height is just right.

I also love this fabric, which I bought at Guthrie and Ghani during SewBrum (I think it's the cotton poplin type as it's quite crisp , it's sold out now, but Fabric Godmother has the cotton lawn version.    I'm afraid I absolutely copied the lovely Sarah from LikeSewAmazing who was wearing the dress at the event in the teal version of the fabric (Sarah now sells fabric too, check out her lovely range).    It's a gorgeous colour and the teal picks up the colour in my favourite shoes.  Definitely a hit!

Next up a very different shape, Cocowawa's Honeycomb Dress. I made a size 4, but if I made it again I think I would go down a size, and also drop the waist by an inch, which is very unusual for me as I usually raise waistlines by an inch.

The fabric is a gorgeous dusty pink colour.  It's a double gauze from Ebay.  There are some great colours in both plain and dot, and you can mix and match.  I'm not entirely sure about double gauze, as it seems a bit delicate, but this feels lovely and soft and has made a really comfy dress.

This is a really cute pattern, with clear instructions.  Not too much fitting needed because of the tie fastenings.  The collar isn't my favourite version of the mandarin, and I might just adapt it another time.

My week was made this week, when I was nominated by Hila of Saturdaynightstitch for

I really love Hila's blog and vlogs you must catch her if you haven't.  So here I am answering her questions.
  1. What song will ALWAYS get you on the dance floor?  It's actually quite easy to get me on the dance floor, but Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark will do it every time.
  2. Whats your signature dish?  Oh dear, this is when I have to confess that I don't really cook anymore!  Now I live on my own I just can't be bothered.  When I lived with my boys I would say homemade pizza, but now it Marks and Spencer to the rescue!
  3. Your proudest moment was……. There have been so many with my boys, probably when Dan after year's of trying got into study medicine at Warwick, and with James his bravery and sense of humour when he was so ill in hospital.  On a daily basis I feel proud of the College I work at and all that we do for the students.
  4. Favourite colour  .. duck egg blue and also love mustard (particularly fabric).
  5. Your best dance move is….   It's the one Bruce does in the Dancing in the Dark video (and if you want to also see how jeans should look give the video a watch!).  It looks something like

It's quite hard to nominate others as many have been picked and I follow so many, but here are mine!     Incredible Italian style and fit!  Fiona's blog is fantastic.  Great sewing detail and her monthly roundup of patterns is wonderful   Charlotte is lovely, and she has some of the most fantastic photos taken all around the world.  Kate writes intelligent interesting posts and always looks so stylish!  I'm sure you must know Lauren's vlog and blog.  She is so lovely and gives such great advise.  I'll be blogging my copy of one of her shirts soon!  Now this is a woman who knows how to make.  She made absolutely everything for a year, including shoes and tights!   Marcy is just joyful  Shauni has a fantastic style and she's from Yorkshire what else to like!  Tany's blog is real couture and you learn so much from it  Ruth is just one of my favourites.  I spent a fantastic day with her in Lancashire and his blog is inspirational.  She makes outfits and collections, putting things together in unique ways.

So to all you wonderful bloggers thankyou (and Hila too of course), I start everyday with a catch-up and you enrich my life!  And if you haven't visited them please do!


  1. I love both those dresses and they are so flattering. The fabrics also are gorgeous. Perfect for Dancing in.

  2. Thanks Jenny, they are two of my favourite colours at the moment.

  3. Love the pink dress! The polka dots on the front and back yoke give it a very "anthropologie" vibe. Also loving the double gauze.