Sunday, 30 September 2018

September Burdastyle challenge: the Berlin sweatshirt

Another last minute make creeping into September.  Glad to say I have now managed to make a garment from each of the last nine Burdastyle magazines.  There were a few patterns I liked in the September issue, but in the end because of time I had to go for the easiest.  And this is an easy pattern (with full instructions, and only 3 pieces), so a really good choice for your first Burdastyle pattern.

This is a really straightforward very large sized sweatshirt.  I cut a size 40, but really would have preferred to go for a smaller one.  The most unusual feature is the pleated sleeves which make it a little different.  I used some black ribbing for the neck.

So why the Berlin sweatshirt?  Because I bought the material in Berlin from Stoff and Still.  I spent a lovely hour in this massive shop.  I meant to take a photo but think I was a bit overwhelmed by all the fabric.  So just to prove I had a lovely 3 days in this fabulous city with my lovely son and daughter-in-law, here's a photo of me and Dan at checkpoint Charlie.  I chose the grey sweatshirt fabric to match the slightly strange print fabric  (unusual way to spell believe).Both are great snuggly fabrics and sew up well. 


  1. Aww, look at that lovely picture of you and your son. Such a handsome guy :)

    I love your sweatshirt Mags and was also drawn to the pleated sleeves when I saw that Burda issue, so it's great to see it made up. Such unusual fabric too. Looks good quality.

  2. great make.... can well believe a visit would take 3 hours to stoff and still. the pleats on the sleeve are a great detail.