Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bank holiday times

I've had quite a few days off this week which has been lovely, although we've had our fair share of illness to put a damper on things.  Still some fun was had!

I do love magazines and even though orginally I thought I wouldn't buy the Tilda magazine because it was quite expensive,  I did eventually give in.  The pictures are actually lovely and you get a free pack of material which I made into the little purse ... cute!  Just love Tilda's colours.

Having seen a pattern for coasters I liked on The Making Spot I treated myself to some lovely cotton from Yvestown.

Then I had a go at the coasters and it was enjoyable, got quite into the hang of it.  The orginal pattern was far too small when I made it and so I had to add another row - does this mean something is wrong with my tension.  The wool is lovely though splits quite easily (do all cottons do that?).

I have recently discovered that there is quilting group in my village and they held their annual show in a nearby hotel.  It wasn't a quiet little affair.  There were loads of people there and about 100 quilts ... some fantastic ones (photos not great) ...

Clearly working on a different level to me! But who knows in a few years time.  Anyway undeterred I've made another three farmer's wife blocks; economy, contrary wife and attic window.  I've been picking the ones which look simpler to start with.  Really enjoying this, chosing the pattern and the materials.

I have to be away from home for the next four nights for work, and really not looking forward to it.  I really don't like being away unless it is on holiday, also a long drive to Hull first so not looking forward to that either.  Still I'm packing my knitting and cross-stitch to help me pass the time.  I'll finish with a photo from my little garden where the pots are looking rather colourful and a reminder of jubilee celebrations.  Thanks for the lovely comments which I really enjoy reading.


  1. I've never come across the Tilda magazine - is it any good? I have a subscription to Mollie Makes and occasionally buy Making, but craft magazines are so overpriced, it really annoys me!

    The coasters are very beautiful - you seem to be able to turn your hand to any skill. I also treated myself to a bumper lot of cotton yarn from the Yvestown shop a couple of months ago when there was a 20% off offer. I haven't broken into it yet but am starting a ripple crochet scarf this week. (I am hoping the cotton yarn makes for a non-itchy scarf!) xx

    1. I enjoyed the Tilda mag. I think its a one of rather than every month and it was expensive.

      Yes I got the 20% offer and it was good value - I think the scarf should be non-itchy though when I pressed it it did go harder, so you might need to be careful. Will look forward to seeing the scarf ... I've load left so am looking for a new project!

  2. Loving the coaster's, so pretty :D

  3. Tilda magazine? That's news to me!! Lovely coasters, and pretty colours. Good luck with your Farmers Wife Blocks - my girlfriend is making that quilt and it looks like a lot of stitching!!

    1. Thankd Trudy. Maybe you'll feature your girlfriends quilt, or does she have a blog too? I'm taking my time with this one and making a wall hanging which will be smaller so I'm not put off by the stiching!

  4. How wonderful to have a quilting group in your own village and yours is going to be stunning.
    Tilda has a magazine??? ooooh you have me all excited, where do you buy it from....ooooh details please :o)
    have a great week
    love jooles x