Sunday, 15 July 2012

And now for something completely different ...

I had hoped to be able to reveal my sweater this weekend, and I was on track to achieve this when I got a bit distracted!  I can be a bit impetuous ... and although I have been thinking about this for sometime rather suddenly I made a decision.  There was considerable internet research and then Sunday found us on the way to Stoke - three went - and four came back .......

Yes, call me a glutton for punishment but we have a new addition to the family, another cavapoo, Tess who I hope will be wonderful company for our lovely Rosie.  Rosie is such a happy, friendly dog and is always desperate to play with other dogs she meets (many of whom seem to be eyeing her up for dinner) and now she has her own playmate at home!   And play they did .... Tess settled straight-in ... there were a few tense moments with the cats ..

But when Rosie got to be with her they just ran and ran and ran for ages (took Jess about an hour to recover)

I think they are going to be great friends.  You can just about see the difference in size here.

So far she's very quickly settled in (just hope she sleeps tonight).  So normal crafty posting will resume next week but hope you've enjoyed a bit of cuteness ... I certainly have ...

(ps. first accident now happened in the house, so I don't look quite so blissful!)


  1. Lovely! I love dogs. I often really wish we had one - now would be the ideal time while I'm at home with the kids. But i don't know. They are a lot of work. But such good company! I hope she sleeps for you tonight :-)

  2. First night not too bad! Puppies are a lot of work though you have to watch them all the time. Actually if you can get the dog you want at about 12 months that's probably better. But they will be great company when the house is back to just me in Sept.

  3. What a cutie!! Lucky you having a new addition to your family. Hope those little accidents are few and far between!!

  4. Such a cutie! Hope she is settling in nicely now and the house training is going well!!
    Helen x

    1. Yes she's lovely and the training is going well at the moment. I'm sure there will be many adventures over the next few months!