Monday, 30 July 2012

Holiday hopes

Very excited to be on leave for 3 whole weeks!  Friday night was Tess' first walk.  She was a bit reticicent at first - after all a field is a very big place when you are 10 weeks old.

But Rosie led the way ...

.. and Tess soon followed.

| So many things I want to do over the next three weeks, and watching the olympics is one.  Firstly we enjoyed the opening ceremony on Friday night - although we started off a bit concerned with what appeared to be a teletubbies set, but when it got going the staging was fantastic.  I am also incredibly proud to have seen my step-niece Rachel in the GB team .... and can't wait till her event - K1 individual and K4 sprint (canoeing!).  Rachel is the blond girl in the centre.

I've already had some lovely times watching gymnastics and the womens' road race while working on my farmer's wife quilt.  I've really enjoyed the challenge of this and here are some of the lastest blocks.  The very latest one is broken dishes and I'm featuring this one paricularly, because way back when I first started making my blocks I saw some blocks by others particularly Helen Phillips, and I thought no way would I ever be able to attempt the more complex blocks and I have!  So I am quite proud really and the piecing is actually not bad!

This is sort of how half my  blocks are  looking at the moment (though I have about 20 blocks finished)

I have now planned my final 12 blocks.  This is one project I'm not trying to finish though.  I haven't enjoyed the cutting out, but I love the challenge of trying to get the pieces to fit together.  I'm already planning the next one, which will be to auction for my favourite charity.

By the way speaking of the Olympics and men's gymnastics we have just won the silver medal!  Brilliant, the lads worked their socks off!  No ... there's an appeal by Japan ... and we have .... a bronze, such a shame, as we would have been delighted with a bronze originally but now its disappointing.

What's on my needles? Well I'm knitting a very simple jumper which I'm not really into that much.  I liked the wool in the skein, Manos Del Uruguay Maxima, but actually not enjoying working with it as much as I thought I would.  I picked a very simple pattern because I thought the wool was busy enough and I've actually made an adaption by giving the waist some shape.  First time I have ever deviated from a pattern!   Its a quick knit so hopefully a reveal next weekend.

Loved waking up on Saturday thinking of all the days I have to wake up without an alarm.  The peaceful starts to the day, however, are a thing of the past as the pets are allowed in with my first cup of tea ... and they are crazy after a night of sleep.

Then followed a lovely day in Manchester  looking for a new flat for Dan and Gemma.  This is one of my favourite buildings in Manchester, the Victorian baths bathed in sunshine!

Then a lovely snack at our favourite vegetarian restaurant Eighth Day.  Dan managed a spicy brunch ....

... but I stuck to tea and cake! 

Then there was a trip to the Cath Kidson shop and a new knitting bag and dress bought in the sale (photo to follow later).  On the way home we stopped at Botany Bay which is a massive factory-style building with lots of quirky shops like this lovely sweetie shop.

Gemma and I also embarassed ourselves (at least I got the skinny one)

Sunday was also lovely, with a yummy meal at the Brewery in Kendal followed by the Dark Knight Rising which I thought was a bit slow to start with but ended well.  So all in all a very good start to the hols! 


  1. Hi Maggie,
    Yes we're enjoying the Olympic Games here in Australia and loved watching our girls win goal in the swimming relay. Enjoy your 3 week's holiday. Your blocks are looking lovely.

  2. Glad your enjoying it - Australia did some fantastic diving today!

  3. What a perfect start to the holiday - family, eating, crafting, watching the Olympics. I hope you enjoy your time off. That quilt is really coming along, I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks when it all comes together. I'm slowly getting into the Olympics and have been watching it here and there when I can. x