Sunday, 5 August 2012

That was the week that was ....

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first week of my holiday, and have to confess to being stuck to my settee for most of it watching the Olympics.  The weather has been awful so I haven't felt guilty about watching event after event while doing some crafting (of course).  At the risk of sounding corny I have felt extremely proud of the achievements of our athletes for a country of our size.  There have been quite a few tears of joy (from me I mean) and the highlights are too many to mention.  Quite how awful the weather has been is illustrated by a soakedTess

The threatened trip to the hair stylist for Rosie happened on Monday.  Just a reminder, this is what she looked like!!!

This was what I was hoping for ....

.... and after 3 1/2 hours this is how she looked!

Yes, pretty awful - in fairness to the groomer we had let her coat get far too long and knotty!  We have done some further cutting to even things out a bit and it will no doubt grow pretty quickly.

There have been a few adventures.  The worst being the car breaking down on a busy dual carriageway in the most awful rainstorm.  Some of my wonderful colleagues form work drove to my rescue and another one fixed it for me the next day!  I am truly lucky to work with the wonderful people at my college.  

A lovely walk by the river gave Tess her first opportunity for a paddle.

Dan was holding his own Olympics with a very successful javelin throw ...

When he went to retreave it from the far side of the river, for some reason Rosie decided to swim after him, got caught in a current  and had to be rescued by Dan who was completely soaked to the neck in a deaper than expected river!  His mobile phone is currently undergoing surgery!  We had one glorious hour of sun though

But as we were walking back in the sunshine we could hear the thunder closing in on us and we just got home before once again the clouds opened.

We also visited Williams Park at Lancaster  ... again in the rain!  Though there were a few minutes of sunshine and blue skies behind the Ashton memorial.

The park is lovely ....


There is a butterfly house.

... some lovely African starlings

and some rather plump guinea pigs and rabbits

... and of course a chance for tea and scones.

I finished the Manos Del Uruguay Maxima jumper.  I didn't enjoy knitting this much.  The pattern I had chosen was very simple and a bit boring, and the skeins were very different so you can really see where I had to change balls - about 2/3 up on the front.  The front and the back are completely different colours.  My local knitting shop explained you should knit using 2 balls at once to avoid this.  I couldn't be bothered to take it back though, and although I don't like the fit either the jumper feels lovely and soft and warm to wear, so I will wear it, if only for dog walking!

I've started a new knit which I'm really enjoying.  It's using my favourite Debbie Bliss baby cashmero in a very bright acid green.   I just love the way this wool knits - especially garter stitch and I always love a cable edging.

 I wanted a bolero to go with my new Cath Kidson dress and found the pattern on Ravelry.  It's rather an usual knit as you can see, with the body being knitted in one piece.  I'll explain the construction in more detail next time, when hopefully it will be finished.

I've also visited ebay again!!!  Yes, my resolve didn't last long and bought some nice vintage print material.  Not sure what I will use these for but watch this space.  There  some nice lace included as a free gift!

A couple more farmer's wife blocks finished ... and another 4 cut out and ready.  When I manage to make all the bits join up correctly I really love it!  Very restful.  When they don't, not so much as I hate the unpicking.  Update soon. 

So that was my week and a pretty good one at that.  Next week I'll be spending  days on the south coast at Lewes visiting my oldest friend so I will probably catch up on my blog Monday or Tuesday.  Hopefully by then team GBs position of 3rd will be confirmed and there will have been many more moments of magic to share! 


  1. Hi Maggie
    Love the look of your new bolero. Gorgeous green. Lots of photos of Lewes please!! Was there in 2006 and thought it was a beautiful place.

  2. Glad you like the colour. It is very strong! Love Lewes too. Hopingto do Anne
    Of cleves house this time

  3. You are very quick at knitting, Mags! Lovely new makes, and the fabric looks gorgeous. Have a lovely time in Lewes, lots of interesting places to visit there :)
    Helen x

  4. Goodness what a week - car disasters, dog and river dramas...i hope next week goes smoothly for you! I ADORE that green Debbie Bliss wool, it already looks wonderful. I'm dying to see how it turns out.