Wednesday, 22 August 2012

So long summer

Thanks for the comments on my trip to Lewes which were lovely to read!

The last week of my holiday has flown past and I've now returned to work and as usual some new challenges.  It's amazing how quickly you get out of your work routines and into new ones which involve tea in bed, lots of crafting and other self-indulgences.  Still I'm very lucky to have the job I have and to work for a great organization so I'm sure I'll be back in the swing fairly quickly.

The weather has been so bad that it's been difficult to get any decent photos but inbetween showers I've managed to snatch a few.

There have been a few colourful dishes from my new Rose Eliot cookbook 30 minute vegetarian meals. 

I actually timed how long it took me .... definitely more than 30 minutes.  First time I have ever cooked beetroot from scratch ... delicious!

I finished my new green bolero shown a few blogs ago.  As I also mentioned I snapped a bit of a bargain dress at the Manchester Cath Kidson shop and when I got it home and looked at the colours I immediately thought how great the lime green Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmero wool would look with it.  So I trawled Ravelry and found a bolero pattern (available here bonnie bolero).  I really enjoyed this knit.  Its actually knitted in one piece (although you cast on from the middle and then pick up and knit from the cast on and knit in the opposite direction).  It's not perfect and I probably should have knitted the next size but I do really like it and if it washes OK this is one pattern I will knit again.

... and just enjoying a rare cuppa and cake in the garden  (my favourite lemon meringue cake) ... and thankfully Rosie's coat has grown a little!

Rosie and Tess will do anything for cake (or any food come to that).

While in the garden I'll just show you the vintage cup tea-lighters bought in Lewes which are now in the garden, although too wet to light.

I also made a little cross-stitch project which came free with Cross-stitcher magazine for a "Diary of an Ewardian Lady" bookmark which is quite sweet.

After my bright green bolero I've started an even brighter coloured jumper with the raspberry baby cashmero I picked up cheap on Ebay.

More details soon.  Well all for now - hope you are getting some sunny times wherever you are.


  1. You have made some lovely things, Mags! I love the bolero, such a sweet pattern, and your cross stitch bookmark is so pretty. I like your new raspberry wool too.
    Have a happy evening!
    Helen x

    1. Thanks Helen, you too. I've been inspired by your lavender quilt recently - over the last 3 months I had collected some lilac fabric and was going to make a bag, but I feel a more ambitious project coming on!

  2. Hello Mags. Sorry I haven't commented for a while, but I have been reading regularly. I love your green bolero and the picture of you and Rosie is lovely. How could anyone possibly resist those two adorable faces watching you eat cake! I I hope you get back into the swing of work soon. What a bonus to have a bank holiday weekend to look forward to - take care x

  3. Lovely to hear from you and hope you have been OK/ I did manage to resist the doggie faces but I don't always. Yes lovely to have a long weekend and lets hope the sun is shining! For tomorrow South Lakes and Lancaster seem to be the only places with rain .... again. Take care as well. xx

  4. I love your green bolero - it really suits you and looks great with that dress. That raspberry pink yarn is gorgeously bright. You are a very talented knitter. x

  5. Thanks Gillian - I've certainly come on over the last year, but still a learner!! x

  6. your bolero is just beautiful and oooooh that cake sounds and looks gorgeous!
    love jooles x