Tuesday, 25 September 2012

raspberry roses

A busy week at work, Dan and Gemma moving back to Manchester,  the most awful rain every day, and Dan's 21st birthday present a new bike bought last Thursday and stolen from outside his Uni on Monday meant it wasn't the best of weeks.  However, I have had some nice crafty moments with another completed jumper.  You've seen this before.  This is a jumper from Knit Red, a book of patterns to support women's heart health  - one of Debbie Bliss' patterns.  It hasn't turned out quite as expected but it's OK.   The pattern has an added bow, but I decided to try a different decoration.  This is my first attempt at intarsia and it went quite well (except lots of ends to sew in).

This jumper is knitted in 2 pieces a front and back and you join the shoulder seams by a 3 needle cast off.  Here it is being blocked.  Only 2 seams to stitch up.  (Sorry about how dark the photos are - absolutely no light at the moment).

And finally finished.

Hoping to make some wide leg vintage trousers which I think will go well with it.  I have so many ideas about things I want to make that I think I'm sorted for the next 12 months, so thought I might share a few plans with you.

I get Mollie Makes every month and love the fantastic photos but, as yet, I haven't made a single thing from it.  In a recent edition I was very taken with some Michael Miller Paris Ville fabric made into a retro pinny and I managed to find the fabric (with some difficulty - mostly available in the USA) and I'm planning to make it this weekend.

In the background you can also see a new magazine I picked up called Sweet which I'm absolutely loving.  The photos are beautiful (a la Mollie Makes) and some very enticing recipes.  I caught by accident an ITV programme on Sunday afternoon at 3.40 called The Home of Fabuous Cakes which actually demnstrated some of the recipes from Sweet.    Better get on with the pinny and a bit of baking!

I'm also planning another 2 small quilts for on the settee.  I've been collecting some lilac fabrics for one

And I've also managed to get a pack of Tlda Flower Garden remnants to go with my Modo Papillon fabrics for a duck egg blue one.

Very disappointed with the light in all the photos above - so I thought I'd finish with just a spot of sunshine on the ripening blackberries.  Till next week and just a bit of notice that I'm planning a giveaway on my 50th blog.  Thanks for your lovely comments.


  1. Your sweater is lovely! You have been one busy lady! I adore the apron in Mollie Makes, and cannot wait until Sweet and Simple Life hit the news stands here!! Happy crafting!! xoxo Debbie

    1. Thanks Debbie. Hope you get a chance a Sweet. I did get Simple Life (I'm a bit of a mag addict) but it didn't attract me as much though the photos are lovely as usual.

  2. That pink sweater is very, very nice, I am jealous. It looks great on you. You are so talented, everything you make turns out so well! We are starved of sunlight here too, it's very gloomy. x

  3. You look great in your sweater :D And I'm loving the look of that pinny. I'm now picturing you wearing both and making blackberry jam!