Wednesday, 12 September 2012

rippling along

As promised here is my finished ripple blanket, orginally started at Christmas.  It probably wasn't wise to pick such a big project as my first attempt at crochet, partly because of the change in my tension over time, but also how long it has taken me.  Still I am pretty pleased with the result and looking forward to a bit of a snuggle as the weather gets colder and as I have used Debbie Bliss Baby cashmero it meant I could collect the wool over time without knowing what you have actually spent.  And I've learnt to crochet - great to learn a new skill.

As mentioned before I learnt mostly from Lucy's website.  I learnt how to "fill in" the "hills and valleys" to get an (almost) straight edge from Shanti's instructions and then just double crocheted a row in duck-egg blue.

I didn't know what to do with the edging so I've just settled for a row of double crochet and then an edge in green.  More rows would probably have looked better, but it was almost a ball of wool and an evening's work each time!

I blocked  the blanket on my bedroom floor using my floor steamer!  A bit unconventional but it worked quite well. 

So here are a few views to show off ....

.... a here in its new spot demonstrated by my furry friends.  It looks pretty good with my Kiss cushion.

Thought I'd also give a quick up-date on my current knitting.  This is a raglan sweater and knitted in just 2 pieces, so more in a few weeks.

We had a rather nice Sunday in Morecambe.   First the weather was great and it was a vintage day!  There were fantastic sandcastles ...

Lots of old cars ....

.... plenty of camper love

..... and vintage icecream vans.

The Platform was filled with stalls and we bought lots of vintage teacups which we are collecting to be the favours at the wedding next year.  And one just for me ....

We admired the wedding cakes

... and of course a pop-up vintage tearoom with just a few small cakes and scones!

Later I am afraid there were further cakes from the yummy cupcake  shop. Why don't mine look like that!

A good weekend all round.  Sun, vintage, cake, puppy-fun, some knitting, material shopping, a couple of films and family still at home! Wish it had lasted longer.


  1. Fabulous blanket!!!! Love your colours. Congratulations on your first crochet project. You must be very pleased with how gorgeous it looks.

  2. What a perfect way to spend the weekend!!

    Your ripple is lovely!! It is always such a great feeling to learn a new craft and to finish a project that will keep you warm and toasty all winter long :)

    Can't wait to see your sweater!!

    xoxo Debbie

  3. Wow, your blanket is so lovely. I love the colours you have chosen. I can see a ripple blanket going on my list of projects - once I learn to crochet! I'm actually going on a one day workshop in Morecambe in October to learn the basics of crochet. Mags, we must live quite close to each other. Jilly

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Your ripple blanket is beautiful, well done. You can't tell at all that your tension changed - I bet the blocking sorted that. I love the muted colour palate you chose. I am gradually thinking that the less colour there is in crochet, the better it looks, because the pattern and structure can shine through, just like they do in your gorgeous blanket. x