Thursday, 20 September 2012

Yorkshire ramblings

This is the latest I have been in terms of blogging and in part it is because we returned on Monday from 3 nights in Yorkshire at Brinham Rocks; a late decision to tardily celebrate Dan's 21st and to have some fun before Dan and Gemma's return to Uni next weekend (sob,sob).

We had a lovely time.  Some great weather though very windy!!

We stayed at Brinham Rocks Cottages which were really sweet and had an outside hot-tub (and yes we sat at night in the cold wind in the warm waters!) and a lovely swimming pool.  Will definitely go again.  There is so much to do in Yorkshire as you can see!  We enjoyed Brinham Rocks

At Pately Bridge we found a lovely sweet shop

Though not all the sweeties were appreciated!

We visited Harewood House

... and enjoyed some late colour in the garden

Had tea at Bettys (not for the faint hearted in terms of cost!).

The odd desert!

.. and the marzipan fruits in the window, gorgeous

We visited Fountains Abbey, 

Rosie imitated a statue (can you spot Dan hidden behind gently encouraging her to stay)

Ripon cathedral, Harrogate and finally big kids that we are the Forbidden corner which is about finding your way around and spotting clues (would be great for 7-13 year olds). 

Phew!  I have returned a little exhausted but I do love Yorkshire.  I'm a Yorkshire lass and the rugged beauty does pull at my heartstrings and I love the moors.

As we left Yorkshire the rain was pouring and the moors were pretty wild.

So I've returned to a very busy week at work and a bit of a desire to run back to Yorkshire.  Fraid I've nothing really to show on the crafting front.  I will make up for it this weekend though with plenty of updates and new fabrics.


  1. Ah - so many familiar places in this post! You've reminded me that I've not been to Brimham rocks in years, I must return. I adore Betty's but hubby wont let me go there as he says it's a rip off and for tourists - the words of a true Yorkshireman! I don't care, I like it. x

  2. Mmmm I love visiting Bettys, such a treat! Lovely photo's, looks as if you had a great time.

  3. Looks like you got the best of the late summer weather. Absolutely pouring with rain here today, I hope you're faring better :D