Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A yum, yum weekend

There was much to enjoy this weekend.  Gemma and Dan came home and we had a little trip on Saturday to Ulverston, which is a lovely town with some really unusual shops.  Lovely wool shop (Loop), fabric shop etc.

... and a particularly nice vegetarian, organic tea shop

.... and delicious food.

My favourite purchase was a new (old) chair which had already been uncycled and for £48 why do it yourself.  It matches my duckegg blue bedroom exactly.

I have been busy with my cross-stitch which seems to be taking for ever, but I've also been knitting .... can you guess what it is ....

.... is it a scarf, a long hat for the dogs ...  maybe this will give you a clue ...

 no it's a sock! 

Now I have to admit to being a bit sceptical about knitting socks.  Socks are so cheap to buy and I wasn't sure about how you get them to fit, and then would they fit in your shoes, but one of my resolutions this year was to have a try.  Actually it seems I was right as you can see the sock has turned out very baggy...

Now I know lots of you would just take it back and reknit it, but I hate redoing things so I will just wear the socks round the house and hope they don't drop off!  Hopefully a second sock will follow over the next week.  (The wool is the Debbie Bliss Rialto I included in my last post).

I hope you had as lovely mothers' day as I did.  First there was some sunshine (and an opportunity to wear my new cardie!)

Dan and I went to Samlesbury Hall near Preston, a 14th century building, very beautiful.

... Dan had his lessons

... and of course there was a bit of something to eat!

So a good weekend alround.  I achieved my goal to try a new recipe a month with a beetroot, pine nut and goats cheese tart

Followed by watching Argo which we really enjoyed.  Great tension so an 8/10!  And there seem to be lovely spring bulbs and flowers everywhere.


Have a lovely week and sorry if my blogs seem to be getting longer .... it's all the fun we are having!


  1. I like your long posts - so many nice pictures of food and flowers and crafty things, whats not to like?

    And I love that bike/planter outside the organic tea shop.

    Gillian x

  2. Thanks Gillian that's so kind, and the feeling is mutual I love your posts too. Yes, how great to have an old, bike planter, would love one in my garden. xx

  3. Such a lovely post Mags...I love Ulverston but haven't visited for quite some time...so many pretty shops! Love the spring flower pics and you definitely need your socks at the moment...roll on spring!
    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  4. The cardigan really suits you and I love your socks! Nice bright cheerful colours! Christine x

  5. Hi Mags, I like going to Ulverston too, its a nice town to visit. So pleased you have knitted your first sock! I love knitting socks, and use a 4ply which seems to give a good fit. I love your chair, quite a bargain! Jilly