Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Fair Isle Fun!

Well I'm pretty pleased with myself this week.  I mentioned ages ago, having knitted some fair-isle handwarmers

that I would like to try and knit a fair-isle sweater and I found a pattern (and of course she looks just how I will look in it!)

I have been stashing some wool and building up to getting going (particularly as I wanted to change some of the colours) for some time.  So on Saturday I finally got going and this is my first sleeve.  I love it so far, just hoping and hoping that it will end up fitting, because it is pretty hard work!  This was 4 days progress and that makes it a couple of inches a day!  So don't hold your breath waiting for the reveal which may take 2 months!  As you can see I have changed virtually every colour.

I haven't quite captured the colours effectively but I will get some better photos later.  I picked up Debbie Bliss' Spring/Summer magazine and have already picked my next 2 knits

Striped JumperCabled Cardigan 2

Both with a vintage feel - I think I'll knit the short-sleeved one without the stripes.

I love the way you get inspiration, recommendations and ideas from others' blogs.  On the recommendation of Jules whose blog I love I ordered this book
It's great!  and if you are a budding crochteter like me who doesn't know many stitches or block ideas it's a must.  I am particularly taken with the crocodile block - hopefully I'll make a start soon.  It's so frustrating to have so many projects I want to do but so little time!

It's been very cold here but we are still avoiding the snow and lots of pleasant dog ~(and cat) walking

Meg (the cat) still queues up to come and one day last week both cats came!  Very strange and what a sight we must look.

Only 2 days to go before the long weekend, can't wait.  Until then ......


  1. Is there no end to your talents?? I adore fair isle, but I know that knitting it is way beyond me. Those sleeves look fabulous so far. x

  2. Your fair isle sweater looks far too complicated for me - give me socks any day! It looks fabulous and I look forward to seeing it finished. Jilly