Wednesday, 20 March 2013

These socks aren't made for walking!

I have two socks!!!  So challenge completed.  As you can see they are baggy (the left more so than the right, interesting!) and they are clearly socks for sitting in rather than anything remotely more useful.  As I have said before I really hate reknitting anything so I won't be taking them back, I will just enjoy wearing them when I'm in settee mode as they are warm and cheerful.  Will there be any more socks?  I'm not sure at this point, perhaps if I find the right pattern and I will definitely take Jilly's advice and try 4 ply next time.  The wool (Debbie Bliss Rialto DK) was nice to knit with - the stripes were very regular which did make changing balls a little difficult and I threw quite a bit of wool away.  I think it would be lovely easy scarf wool and there are some really lovely colour combinations. 

I rarely make the free gifts which come with many craft magazines (in fact I have a large pile which I intend to give to someone to make up for charity) but I did have a go at a wooden key ring free with Cross-stitcher magazine.  I have been curious about unusual surfaces that people have used for embroidery and cross-stitch (and I have even ordered some paper for a future project) so I was attracted to trying on wood and it was certainly interesting.  Not easy ... a bit hard on the hands and not as restful as fabric.  I hit 2 major hurdles 1) ran out of thread, so you can't see the finished product.

2) Life seems too short to me to worry about the back of things and I tend to meander around trying to save having to end and start stitching, so the back of this currently looks like this....

Whoops!  Still I have a cunning plan and will simply stick a bit of felt (or even some crotchet) over the back to cover. 

Not my most successful of crafting weeks really!  Never mind.

I had a lovely Saturday visiting Kendal Antiques Fair and Kirkby Lonsdale Vintage Fair.  Some great stalls.

... and even better cakes ...

I manage to find a few bargains.

A vintage vase (£4), scarf(£7), Cup (£2 for two), the couple of Kath Kidson teatowels came from a shop and not vintage!  And my favourite buys - 3 vintage broaches.  I love how you can pick these old broaches up so cheaply - the bar broach was the dearest at £10 but I think it is genuine Deco.  I've been enjoying wearing these (not at once) this week, a bit of bling on my rather sombre black jackets.

On Sunday the snow came again (but went as quickly) ... and I think many of us are in for some more tomorrow, so hope you can keep warm and snuggled up.  Till next time.


  1. I think your socks are fabulous! I'm in awe of anyone able to knit a sock : -) And the colours in your cross stich are beautiful, hope you can find that extra bit of blue to finish it. Good finds at the markets, love the Art Deco brooch.

  2. Thanks Trudy - I just need bigger feet! They were pretty easy to knit, although I don't find it very quick to knit on 5 needles. I have the code for the blue so hope to find it quite easily. Take care. x

  3. I love your socks. They look warm and cosy and very happy. I am in awe of your skills as there is no way I could ever knit a pair. Five needles, good grief!!! x

  4. I quite like the five needles - although they do flap about and I can't really get comfy with them, but its great not to have to sew something up at the end! Hope you are still keeping warm.

  5. Hi Mags, your socks are great! You must have another try sometime. I like your finds too, looks like you had a great weekend

  6. Thanks Jilly ... think I will have another try sometime but as you will see from my next blog I'm on an epic knit at the moment which will take some time!