Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A room of my own!

I've been enjoying the second week of my three week holiday, although the lovely weather has deserted us recently!  Still managed to get a few sunny walks ....

So what have I been up to ..... Well I've made a sewing room!!  When I moved 3 years ago to my 1980s bungalow (not because I had a desire to live in a bungalow but because our very good friends moved a few doors up) there was a spare room and I thought I needed to put a bed in it for guests to stay.  3 years later no one has ever slept there and the room became a dumping ground.  My sewing, knitting and craft stuff was all over the rest of the house and it seemed sensible to reclaim the room!  I can't show you a before photo because I would be far too ashamed, but this is the horrible plastic wallpaper which I decided had to come off .....

then some new paint and gloss and here is the empty space.

Some furniture from IKEA and voila! 


Lots of lovely storage space (and room for even more!).   It's not a very big room but so wonderful to be able to leave anything out and just close the door.   I absolutely love it and it's definitely an encouragement to creating and for being much more organized so that I can plan my projects.  I can sit and match the fabric or wool to the patterns I've collected.  Hopefully there'll be lots of finished projects coming soon!  I've also been destashing a bit and will be having a give-away next week

We had a trip to Manchester which was lovely,  though not too successful for shopping.   I did find this great vintage scarf which I had to buy because its is full of fruit and vegetables ... and everyone needs a scarf with onions and mushrooms on it!

There was some yummy food too ....

I've almost finished my dress for the wedding and so that will be revealed next week.  Rosie and Tess have been considering suitable outfits (only joking - we're not really into dressing the dogs up ... just a bit of fun).


This is what Rosie really thought of the idea .... this is her Elvis sneer

Hope you are having a fun week I'm looking forward to the last 3 days of hols!


  1. How lovely to have a room of your own! Part of the reason why I rarely use my sewing machine is because I have to pack it away every blooming meal time... Can't wait to see your dress. x