Monday, 26 August 2013

What more fair-isle!

You know how I said I was finished with fair-isle .... not for long.  I just couldn't keep away but not so intense this time, far less ends to weave in.

In keeping with my recent retro obsession the pattern was from
Debbie Bliss Land-Girl booklet and actually the cover pattern.  This took about 2 weeks to knit (though I was on holiday) and used 4 ply rialto, which is a wool I really enjoy using.  I did try to be a "good girl" and get my tension right, but despite trying two sizes of needles I still didn't quite get it right, so I just knitted the smallest size (32") whereas I measure 37" and guess what .... it's a perfect fit.  I really love it, soft and comfy to wear and the best fitting jumper I have ever knitted.  This is strange as this jumper is actually the same pattern in the body as the striped jumper I knitted earlier and look how huge that came out.  One of the changes I made was to reduce the length of the body by at least an inch and that made a huge difference to the amount of bagging.  I now have a basic T pattern which I think I could use for any number of short-sleeved sweaters, maybe I'll have a go at designing my own.



The yoke is knitted in one piece at the end, so there wasn't a lot of having to pick up stitches, which I hate .You can see this best during the blocking .....

And here it is on ..... the turban was a bit of an homage to the landgirls ..... not to be worn outside the house!

So all in all this is probably the sweater I most like from those I have knitted .and I'm so pleased to have finally made something with a good fit ... so flushed with success I am straight on to a cardigan from the same book.

I had a particularly lovely walk today, a sunny day at last!

.... and even enjoyed a few sweet juicy blackberries.  This one s on the way to my mouth!

I didn't do much else for the bankholiday weekend.  A bit of sewing ....  I've started a New Look suit from Gertie's book of better sewing, so more of that soon.  And of course the Great British Bake Off is back ... interesting selection and some truly awful baking as well as some great ideas!   Did you do anything exciting?


  1. Lovely fair isle jumper, Mags! And it is the perfect fit! So nice that you have found a good pattern and can get the sizing right. Enjoy your new projects.
    Helen x

  2. Oh, it's just gorgeous! It suits you really well, you have the right figure for jumpers and cardigans that stop at the waist. I like things that I can pull right down to my hips which is annoying as, because I'm tall, things are often too short in the arm and body length...anyway, you wear it well, it's a triumph. x

  3. What a great fit! Well done! :)