Monday, 5 August 2013

Finished with fair-isle!

Another long gap between posts.  I think have the idea that in order to blog I need a completed project ... which is rather silly!  Having said that I finally do have a completed project to show .... yes the fair-isle is finally finished (well not quite true as I am still hiding some ends tucked in the jumper which I'm still weaving in!  The pattern is from ..
You can probably tell I've changed a lot of the colours.  I blocked the pieces first ...
The neck has stitches picked up which I always find challenging, but it didn't go too badly.  I used Grandma's stretchy cast-off to make sure the neck wasn't too tight.
Sewing up was also quite a challenge.  I found a really useful video to explain how to sew up the shoulders and they were pretty successful.  Overall I am pretty pleased, it will be a very warm jumper for winter.  The only change I would have made is to make the welt a little smaller.
A trip to a fairly poor vintage fair near Preston did turn up this little gem and for only £5.  I really love it and although I can't find out anything about the age it does feel 50s.  Great quality look at the lovely buttons.

.... and this dress just made me want to grab a suitcase and head to a steam train!!

We had a lovely sunny trip out to Dalton Wildlife Park.  We always enjoy feeding the penguins.
We really enjoy a day with the animals, and it's very hands-on there.  The funniest thing was the rather strange giraffe who seemed to be trying to fit a very large tongue into too smaller space.
Hope you have enjoyed some sunny fun and some beautiful flowers.


  1. Well done on the jumper but - oh that dress is to die for - I'd be running after trains left right and centre in that - well done! Jane x

    1. Yes I love it but it is a bit tight. I'm going to have to take the sleeves out and add a little section or running anywhere could be dangerous!

  2. Oh wow! Your Fair Isle is just amazing! I wish I could knit something as complicated as that, but I am firmly in the 'beginner' knitting category :)

  3. Thanks Jen. I have recently found your blog and read it from the beginning ... Enjoyed it so much so lovely to hear from you.

  4. Oh, well done for persevering and completing that jumper! It's a triumph and you wear it well.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my photos - I feel a bit shy about writing a post as I'm essentially a fraud with no training who has no idea what she's doing! Maybe one day. xx

  5. You shouldn't feel a fraud your photos are absolutely great and some of my favourite on the web, not just technically but the lovely moments you capture. xx