Monday, 11 May 2015

Mabel Hack

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I have already made 7 Mabel skirts, 4 of which I wear frequently (3 have gone to Gemma because they were too clingy for me!).  I love the Mabel for work but I also love skirts with a bit of flare at the hem.  As Mabel is Collette's pattern of the month, a Mabel hack seemed just the thing.  (Note: this sounds as if I hack patterns all over the place, actually this is my first and I am really pleased with myself, it feels like an indication of progression that I don't have to follow patterns to the letter any more!).

My Mabel looks quite different to the pattern now.

I have obviously added to the length by about 3 inches (I'm just under 5'4").  I cut a medium size and grade in a little at the waist.


I really like the fit (not much room for chocolate this week!).

Because the fabric is stretch jersey though, it's still really comfortable.

I can tuck it in or out (will probably wear a blouse over just to cover the tummy).  The fabric is ponte roma from Minerva crafts.  Its heavy-weight and sews well.  Not a lot of stretch (infact I tried making the Collette Seamwork leggings from the same fabric and I couldn't pull them over my knees!) and a little synthetic looking.  There is a big difference in different pontes.  I like the stretch on this one for a skirt.

So the only difference I made to my original pattern was to add a flare at each of the seams as below.

Simple really and I love the effect of the flare.  There is a flirty spin (rather spoilt though by the sight of a slip showing!).

This is my favourite Mabel, great for work, and I've already worn it several times.  Also loving the cherry blossom at work at the moment.

Have you changed any patterns successfully?


  1. Hi Mags,
    Your Mabel is very beautiful!! I agree, it feels really good to be able to change patterns when you feel like something new but really like the fit of something you already made.

    1. Thanks so much enjoyed reading your blog today!