Sunday, 17 May 2015

More flounces; McCalls 5523

I think this is a great pattern!  To begin with there are 4 different looks, so great value, and a simple skirt becomes more interesting. 

As I mentioned last week I do like a bit of flounce and I also like patterns which look very simple from the front, and interesting from the back.

I've worn this skirt quite a few times already and I love it, very comfortable.  This is view D in my usual size 14 graded in a little at the waist.  The fabric is an imitation linen with a slight stretch (hence the comfort). 

Its a fairly straightforward make, hemming the flounces is the only challenging bit.  Now for the blouse which is Jalie 2921; what a great basic blouse.  I love this, a comfortable, stretch blouse with good shaping.  It's  a straightforward, very clever make, though it took me a while to work out the very neck, which is all folded in on itself to make a really neat interior.  I made this in the fabulous jersey I also used for my Camas blouse.  I would definitely recommend this pattern.  This is a lovely firm jersey from the Cloth House.

Whilst I love this jersey, it did end up being too firm for this blouse as I couldn't tie the ties in a bow, they looked ridiculous, and without tying them they are a bit too long.  However, it still very wearable.

I made another version of the skirt.

This time version A.  I've talked a little before about how fabric changes the fit, and here is a great example.

Although this is a non-stretch linen, the skirt has actually come up bigger, don't ask me how! You would think that a non-stretch would be tighter.  So I think the fit on this one is too loose, although I will still wear it.  You can also see I've lengthened this version to below the knee which I feel more comfortable in. I'm wearing this one with a knitted jumper from Pompom magazine.  This isn't one of my favourite outfits, but it is wearable.  I will certainly be making more of the skirt (black wool crepe next) and the Jalie blouse (I've ordered some silk jersey from Mood - believe it or not I couldn't find any silk jersey in the UK!).  A definite work staple.


  1. Very chic and foxy Mags, I would like to wear an outfit like that to work I think! I really like the plain black top, it shows off the simplicity of the pattern. x

  2. Thanks Gillian, foxy .... I like that!! It's a great comfy work outfit. More of the tops to come.