Monday, 4 May 2015

Republique du Chiffon Monique; my stashbuster challenge

Well this is a very different dress to my usual fitted, slightly vintage preferences!   I loved Ada's fabulous version and I'm afraid I completely ripped it off!  The pattern is Republique du Chiffon's Monique dress.

Although I like the dress with a belt, I think it's pretty cool as a sack-dress too.

Lots of room for cakes and chocolate!

Very comfortable.  The fabric has just the right drape, although there were times I was sure it was going to be too light, when made up it seems to have worked.

I cut a size 42" and added 3" to the length.  I also raised the neck a little and made the tab sizes smaller, so that my bra straps get covered up!

The fabric and pattern have been sitting on my shelf for almost a year and then I saw that the stashbusting challenge this month was vibrant colour and it seemed like the perfect time.  (Though I missed the deadline!)  The fabric is Nano Iro double guaze.  I bought my fabric from Etsy.  Whilst the pattern and colours are great, the fabric does stretch a lot which makes it rather difficult to handle.

Now the difficult thing about this was that the pattern instructions were in French!  My French is certainly very basic and so I had to work out how to make the tabs and facing.  I'd love to make more of Republique du Chiffon's patterns, they are very cute, but it would be a gamble!

This ended up to be pretty clever, encasing the tabs in the facing and giving a nice neat inside and a very neat edge to the sleeve.

I have no idea where or when I will wear this dress, but I have to say I've ended up liking it rather a lot!  Have you made anything recently which is different in colour or style to your usual make?

I've just enjoyed a bank holiday weekend with lots of sewing and walks in the woods which are full of bluebells, primroses and wood anenomes, gorgeous.


  1. Ooh Mags, this is a bit of a departure for you! I like it though, very much, especially with the belt which shows off your lovely waist. Very cool and chic. Xx

  2. Thanks so much Gillian. It's odd how you get enamoured by others makes even though they are not your style. I'm just need some sun now! Xxx