Sunday, 15 May 2016

This is my third Colette Wren and probably my favourite.

I have made two versions of the fitted skirt in ponte with long sleeves.  This time I made version 2.

.... and I like it.  The fabric is fabulous.  It is modal and silk jersey from Fabric Godmother, good value at £15 a metre, unfortunately they only have burnt orange left.  It feels gorgeous, though it was not really easy to work with and my overlocker really didn't perform well.  Still it feels so comfortable and lovely to wear and the colour is just lovely.

I cut my usual size Medium, taking 5/8" out of the shoulder width and the fit is pretty good.

For my last two versions I raised the waist by 1" and then decided the waist was a little high, so I returned the waist to its original place (it looks a little low at the back now).  So if you are taller than 5'4" you might find the waist needs lowering.

Everything went well except for the waist.  It is another gathered on clear elastic waist (like the Monetta) and I really do struggle with this.  You need at least 3 hands, and as you can see the waist has ended up rather lumpy, fine with a belt though.

I love the gathers at the shoulders and this was easy to do in the light jersey.  They make a nice fit on the bust.

Like my pervious Wrens I made a binding for the neckline rather than the suggested method of just folding the neck edge under.  The binding makes the fit snugger and feels much more robust.  I cut a long piece about 1" wide (as this fabric is really stretchy I didn't bother with this being on the bias but cut it on the grain) and made it about 1" shorter than the neckline length.  I finished it with a twin needle and I think it looks good.

So I'm happy with this one.  A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had any advice on the Inari Tee sleeves.  Well Karen has just blogged the complete answer and in reading this blog and watching the videos I have had a light-bulb moment.  I stupidly thought a lower armscye gave you more room and thus more comfort .... how wrong can you get.  It's well worth reading the post but also all the comments and watching the videos.  I now feel I can have another go at the Inari and sort the sleeve problem.

We've had some lovely days recently and Cumbria looks beautiful.  I had a lovely walk with Dan over the weekend, gorgeous blossom

 ... fat lambs ....

... the smell and the look of wild garlic ...

... and best of all the bluebells ...

Hope it is beautiful where you are and that the sewing is going well.  For us Brits the Great British Sewing Bee is back tomorrow night, so no doubt there will be some inspiration to be had.

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  1. It's beautiful. The colour and drape are really lovely. I find that waistlines are always too high for me, being 5'11", and wish I could lower them all by at least two inches. xx