Monday, 9 May 2016

Vogue 9006, Claude trousers and a visit to Rome

I'll start with Vogue 9006; a cowl top made in the most fantastic sandwashed silk (bought from Leons in Manchester and not available on their website).

I cut my usual size 14, and raised the waist by 1".  This top is cut on the bias, but I only did this for the front, where you need the drape for the cowl and cut the back as usual on the grain.

 I really like this pattern, it's a great pattern for those just beginning with silk because there are no zips or buttonholes

Buy Vogue Women's Tops Sewing Pattern, 9006 Online at

and with a bit of effort you can make it look great on the inside.   I used French seams throughout, including setting in the sleeves and it went really well .... look how pretty.

The trousers are Republique du Chiffon's Pantalon Claude.

This is a great pattern, and has helped no end with my trouser fitting problems.  They are pegged trousers and pretty comfortable, the only thing is the pattern is French, so it was an interesting challenge!  The pattern has welt pockets, which look great but I thought might add too much bulk at the stomach (and who wants that).  I made a practice pocket and it worked out well, but the final trousers are pocketless.

I cut a size 40 taking some of the fullness from the hip area, though I think I could still take a little more off.  As I have a high waist I added 1" to the crotch length, they are comfortable though I wonder if the 1" was just a touch too much.  This is my second pair and I there will be others tweaking the fit. 
 Just to prove I do wear what I make, here I am in Rome two weekends ago, having the most fabulous time.  What a wonderful city; culture, history, pasta, icecream, sunshine,


.. and even drinking icecold vodka cocktails in the icebar (-5 degrees!)
There was, of course, some fabric shopping at the wonderful Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti (wonderfully described here).  It has so much stock it is a little overwhelming!  (infact I think I look positively frightened!)
Determined to purchase something special I bought 3 fabrics
Gorgeous, particularly the bottom one which is 100% silk for a suit in a sort of dusty pink and which looks really Italian, and the leaf silk below on top.  I'm afraid there has been a bit of a splurge recently.
Sorry, for this really long post!  I have been photographing for Me-made May but I'm sure you will already have had enough!  So until the next time.


  1. Gorgeous top--inside and out. Rome looks fun--I would have been overwhelmed in the fabric store too!

    1. Thanks Robin definitely one to have a go! I'd be back in that fabric shop once a month if I could!

  2. Excellent choice in fabrics and love your silk cowl top - classic.

    1. Thanks Ruth, a bit more boring than your fab tops you've been making though. GBSB Monday, better have great contestants!

  3. Lovely silk cowl top! The picture of you in the fabric shop made me laugh, that's exactly how I feel when too much great stuff is on offer. You did manage to find some gems, that dusty rose suiting is perfection!

  4. Thanks Marianne, I wish I could easily go back to that shop it was amazing! I'm still stroking that fabric!