Monday, 9 January 2012

First make: 9th January, 2012

Not a great start to the year!  A five-day headache impossible to shft and 2 days off work (with associated guilt!), my lovely son gone back to University, leaving it very quiet at home and continuing rain every day!  Still feeling much better now and there was some lovely sunshine today.  I'm also very excited to have received my first comment from Anie The FeltFairy - I quite expect no-one else to read this so it's great to have a post!

I've finished my first make (though it was started at the end of December) - a Debbie Bliss scarf for Dan.  I wanted a chunky pattern which would look better for a man and this is a double stocking stitch which was easy to knit and cosy.  I used Rowan aran wool though as it was much cheaper.  (Does anyone else think when you have paid for a quality yarn there shouldn't be a join part-way through the ball - which was impossible to hide!).

My 2 wips are both quite big projects.  I am very excited to be producing a ripple blanket.  I was inspired to do this by Attic 24s lovely blanket, but have never crocheted anything before so wasn't sure I would be able to and .....

.. it's going great!  I've chosen quite subtle colours, mostly a duck egg blue with some stronger colours making 15 stripes.  I'm using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmero and it is absolutely lovely! So soft and cuddly.  I expect it will take me until Easter to finish this, so more updates in future.

I'm also completing a cross-stich panel of roses for a cushion (World of Cross Stitching pattern - but I have changed the colours).  Again this will take ages, so I'm sure I'll be doing some quicker projects too!

Apologies for the creased appearance due to not using a hoop!

To finish off I can't resist including a photo of my little 7 month old puppy with her Xmas present (looks a bit like she is smoking a cigar) just because she is so cute, although also scruffy!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, I cannot begin to imagine your own personal grief and send you much love.

    Yay! Well done on completing your first make! And the blanket is stunning, you have chosen the colours beautifully. And that doggie is sooooo cute!