Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A late weekend!!

Three posts in and I have already missed the day I wanted to post my next blog on .... however, that does reflect a rather good weekend, a bit of knitting  (apologies for shadows).....

This is a baby jacket knitted with Debbie Bliss baby cashmero - which hopefully will be finished by this weekend.

...a bit of cross-stitch ..

... this is my progress on my rose cushion, which I'm quite pleased with.  It's another big project so coming on quite slowly.

..  lots of baking ... with an apple cake and bakewell cake to give to friends (can't keep whole cakes when I'm on my own!).

Also enjoyed a bit more sunshine on my walks with Rosie.  I'm lucky to live in a beautiful part of this world.  This is a view just walking round my village.

..and the first crocuses
It definitely made me feel spring is in the air and that can only be good!

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