Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunny happiness

A much better week at work with all headaches gone and a much more positive mood .. and then the sun came, wonderful.  A lovely frosty walk on Saturday and the first snowdrops are blooming ...

Lots of frosty loveliness and sunshine on the berries. 

I wanted to keep a record of films seen and books read .....

So my first film of the year was the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Pretty good though it didn't really improve on the Swedish version (unless you hate subtitles).  Very dark subject matter and a couple of bits where I closed my eyes (I knew what was coming).  Daniel Craig looking very craggy, but still strangely attractive.

Not much to report on the crafting front as my projects (ripple blanket and roses cushion) are quite slow, but I have just started a baby matinee jacket and that should be my January finish.  I'm using Debbie Bliss baby cashmero which I absolutely love - its so soft and cuddly to knit - shame about the price!  Photos next weekend showing the progress on all 3.

Well a nice glass of wine with this weeks episode of Sherlock calling!

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